Smear merchants – the Democrat media’s propaganda campaign

Rule 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

Rule 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions

If the liberal media were to be believed, Republicans want to steal all of the money out of everyone’s pockets, let old people die in the streets, and eat babies.  But if one examines the evidence then everything Democrats accuse Republicans of doing is what they themselves have been doing.  Democrats always spend more than the government collects in taxes, take money from Medicare that people paid into their whole lives to put into ObamaCare for those who won’t work, and stridently promote aborting babies in the womb.

Employing the “gotcha” question

The purpose of the Democrat media is to minimize smears of Republicans by Democrats as justified, while maximizing criticisms of Democrats by Republicans as smears.  Pundits always mislead viewers by asking Republicans “gotcha” questions in the manner of “Do you still beat your wife?”  In contrast, they always throw softball questions to Democrat candidates like “what’s your favorite color?”  Every Republican is subjected to the vile slanders of liberal Democrat media smear merchants, even on the Senate floor where Democrats made themselves immune from slander laws.  Sen. Majority Leader Reid proudly crowed that he lied about Gov. Romney not paying his taxes and contributing to his defeat.

Attacking Rand Paul

Rand Paul, as the front runner in a matchup against Hillary, became their primary target in recent interviews.  But he would not stand for being asked questions that, rather than reveal his policy beliefs, were just set-ups like that used on Romney in a 2012 primary debate.  That debate was used to create the fiction that Republicans were waging a war on women’s reproductive rights to take away birth control.

“Liberals will never debate in the arena of ideas because they will always lose.  Their method is making personal attacks to ridicule and demonize their opponents in the eyes of the voter.” – Rush Limbaugh

Interviewers didn’t ask Paul if Republicans support racist policies, but rather asked, “Why are Republicans racists?”  The premise of their questions assumes the leftist lie that all Republicans are racists to be true.  There is no answer to that which does not condemn all Republicans, which is why Paul was right to refuse answering.

David Asman and Steve Forbes discuss how Republicans should deal with media

Government shutdown

The government shutdowns of 1995 and 2013 have both been blamed on Republicans in Congress.  Congress has no authority to shut down anything, only to refuse to fund what the president demands.  On both occasions it was Clinton and Obama who performed the shutdowns.  But the Democrat media wouldn’t condemn Clinton for not sending out Social Security checks any more than they would blame Obama for having barricades erected around Washington Memorials.  In 1995, Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich held out until Clinton agreed to sign a balanced budget, but in 2013 Speaker John Boehner not only yielded to funding ObamaCare, but accepted the blame for the shutdown.

All Democrat policies have harmed the people

There is not a single policy of Democrats that has helped the people in a century of Democrat rule, and they have successfully blamed Republicans for the failure of all of them.  Democrats created Social Security to help the elderly, and then raided the fund in 1968 to pay for the Vietnam War.  They even blamed that war on Republicans claiming Eisenhower started it when all Ike and JFK did was send advisors, and it was Johnson who sent half a million troops.

Coolidge tax debt quote

Driving up gas prices

Most recently, gas prices, the mortgage crash, and this bad economy have all been blamed on Republicans by the liberal media.  It was a Democrat in 1998 who convinced a foolish Republican, Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, to lift restrictions on these banks that set the stage for the crash.  When this became apparent where it was heading in 2003, Republicans attempted to rescind the Act in order to avert disaster, but were blocked by a Democrat filibuster they could not break.

When Democrats were voted to control Congress in 2006 they began passing regulations that caused gas prices to skyrocket from summer 2007 to summer 2008.  President Bush lifted the presidential drilling ban making the bubble burst causing a free fall and leaving Democrats in the lurch.  Speaker Pelosi (D-Cal.) stopped the bleeding by dismissing Congress without voting on removing the congressional drilling ban.  The media blamed Bush as “an oil man.”  Despite this, McCain still led the presidential polls in 2008.

Crashing the mortgage banks

“Republicans would sabotage the economy to get elected.” – Alan Grayson (D-FL)

The 2008 mortgage bank crash was orchestrated by Democrats to get Obama ahead in the polls and win the election.  With a Supermajority, Democrats passed ObamaCare – the largest peacetime tax increase since 1913 that has stifled economic growth and job creation for the past six years.  This was followed by Democrats again manipulating oil prices by restricting American drilling.  Only independent fracking has resulted in America becoming a major world supplier of oil rather than consumer, which Democrats continue to demonize as destroying the planet through man-made global warming – a proven fraud.

But the windfall from winning the election and passing a massive spending bill with over $1.5 trillion in deficits to “stimulate” the economy, but which only went into the pockets of their rich friends, has more than compensated them for their losses in the oil market.  That deficit was not signed by Bush, but by Obama, and the “stimulus” continued every year as “quantitative easing” without passing a budget in Congress for five years to track that money.  The super deficit was also blamed on Bush, capitalism, and all businessmen throughout the country who have been demonized, while Democrat’s Wall Street friends have prospered mightily as the rest of the country has languished.

All Democrat policies have harmed the people

There is not a single policy of Democrats that has helped the people in a century of Democrat rule, and they have successfully blamed Republicans for the failure of all of them.  Democrats created Social Security to help the elderly, and then raided the fund in 1968 to pay for the Vietnam War.  They even blamed that war on Republicans claiming Eisenhower started it when all Ike and JFK did was send advisors, and it was Johnson who sent half a million troops.

Every Democrat president and Congress have dumped on the American people; from Johnson to Carter trashing the economy and losing Iran to Islamists, to Speaker Tip O’Neal fighting Reagan for deficit spending on social programs, to Clinton fighting welfare reform and balancing the budget, to Obama stealing trillions of dollars “to help the economy,” abolishing welfare reform, inviting illegal aliens to flood into the country, and losing the entire Middle East to Islamists.  Republicans have enough trouble just trying to control corruption within their own party, but Democrats fully embrace it and even laud it.  Members like Barney Frank was re-elected twelve times after being found out to be running a male prostitution ring out of his home, while a Republican was cast from office for tapping his foot in a bathroom stall.  All Democrat policies have been designed to increase the scope and power of the federal government, creating welfare voter slaves wholly dependent on them.

America’s future

Democrats have nothing to offer Americans and never have.  Their policies promote higher taxes resulting in fewer jobs for citizens and more jobs for illegal aliens, reducing America’s energy, and letting America’s enemies gain power while reducing America’s military making the future insecure.  They have fooled the young for generations, and many grew up believing that Democrats are the party of the little guy.

All the while they are swindling the little guy by demonizing capitalism and Republicans as being only for the richest 1%, and promoting socialism to encourage class warfare.  Democrats pander to their voters to give tax benefits to those who don’t work or pay taxes in return for enabling them to steal from their rich opponents.  When Republicans offer to make businesses more productive by reducing taxes, Democrats demonize them as wanting to give more to the rich and leave the poor destitute.

This dichotomy of stealing from the poor to give to the rich is lost on low-information voters who listen to what Democrats say and pay no attention to what they do.  Republicans have ever been the party whose policies have promoted the growth that lifts people out of poverty and created the Middle Class, and given them the ability to reach the Upper Class.  From Washington, to Jefferson, to Lincoln, to T. Roosevelt, to Reagan their policies have given the people a hand up in their pursuit of prosperity to live the American Dream.

Deadbeat Democrats are dead set against working for themselves when the government will support them, and they have no clue that the American Dream cannot be attained through handouts.  But feeding their greed in voting for benefits for themselves is what is keeping the economy down.  Unfortunately for those who understand this, they have been turned against the policies of Republicans that will enable them to live well by the lies and manipulations of the Democrat media.

“A man in debt is so far a slave.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

National Debt $18 trillion and skyrocketing

On Nov. 6, 1860 people elected a white Republican who would deliver black men from slavery.

On Nov. 4, 2008 people elected a black Democrat who would deliver white men into slavery.

Democrats live the Big Lie and laugh at congressional crimes

Republican corruption is skin deep, but Democrat corruption goes to the bone

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