George Soros promotes socialist vision in recent video

From:                                                         By Kit Perez

George Soros promotes socialist vision in recent videoImage Source: Screenshot

When it comes to influence, billionaire George Soros prefers to exert his quietly, throwing money at globalist causes behind the scenes instead of speaking out publicly. But Soros recently came out of his cave to pitch his vision of a socialist society — and it’s as frightening as it sounds.

In a YouTube video posted in late January, the aging leftist promotedhis Open Society Foundations (OSF), a collective group of organizations which seek to implement Soros’ deeply socialist vision in countries around the world, including by shutting down free speech, opening all borders, and effectively enslaving people in a socialist regime.

And that’s not even the worst of it.

Pushing the Narrative

Soros’ recent video employs slick production and focus-tested phrases to tout his and his followers’ “utopian,” globalist vision, that includes not just open borders, but also free health care for all, among other radical liberal ideals.

“Understanding open society is one thing. Trying to create open societies, or strengthening open societies is something else,” Soros says in the footage, alluding to the difficulties the OSF has had in implementing his open-border policies over the years. “They have to create themselves, and that process is a never-ending process.”

The OSF has been condemned and even nearly banned in several European countries, including Soros’ home nation of Hungary.

“Power fights back”

The OSF video also includes some of the organizations’ regional directors and board members from across the globe, who say that those who disagree with them merely “want to hide behind closed borders,” in the words of István Rév, the OSF’s archives director.

“We’ve got enemies — open society and its enemies,” Soros admits, though OSF’s executive director representing southern Africa, Siphosami Malunga, claims that “OSF provides an opportunity to question power, to hold power to account.”

“But the complexity of the fight is that power fights back,” Malunga added, seemingly perplexed that nations don’t want to open their borders to any and all aliens.

Socialism Under Any Other Name…

Despite this recent promotional video, Soros’ OSF maintains a poor reputation throughout the world. Leaked documents from the foundation shows a disturbing trend that the organizations advocate: the control of free speech through active censorship.

In Europe, the OSF is reportedly actively working to assist Muslim migrants in storming a host of European countries, while working to prohibit so-called “hate speech,” classified as anything that questions the wisdom of bringing millions of militant Islamics into Western countries.

And Soros’ Open Society concept isn’t his own — it was designed by Karl Popper in 1938. Popper, while claiming to be anti-communist, showedhimself to actually be quite the totalitarian.

Similarly, under Soros’ idea of the concept, openly communist and socialist groups are welcome, and even deeply embedded, in his utopian world.

Moving Forward

Soros and his funds remain active around the globe, participating in a variety of efforts meant to subvert the sovereignty of individual nations while pushing the goal of creating a globalist society under one government of international socialism. To do that, Soros must weakenthe U.S. dollar across the global markets — a goal he is already well on his way to achieving.

While Soros himself is advanced in years, his son Alex is poised to take over both the Foundations and its globalist agenda — as well as the close relationship that the elder Soros and his socialist groups enjoy with the Democratic Party.

This means that we aren’t likely to be freed from the influence of the Soros family anytime soon.

But as for the progress toward globalism that the Soros family will make in the coming years? Well, that remains to be seen.