A victory against socialism in Brazil

From: washingtontimes.com                                      – –  October 25, 2018

Jair Bolsanoro’s lead in Brazil’s presidential election shows a positive shift in thinking

Something great is happening in South America.

The people of Brazil are rejecting a corrupt socialism that has ruined the nation’s economy. Jair Bolsonaro of the Social Liberty Party (PSL) in Brazil is a lock for president this weekend while running against a committed socialist. This is great news and shows a shift in the thinking of the people of South America.

South America has had an ugly history of socialism leading to corruption, crime and poverty. Venezuela is a great example of the failure of socialism. According to The Heritage Foundation, Venezuela ranks last in the Americas for economic freedom — even behind Cuba.

Heritage reports “with the economy verging on collapse and the government clinging tenaciously to power, much-needed reforms will not be addressed by a regime that has proved unwilling or technically unable to move Venezuela back from the brink of bankruptcy and debt default. Fiscal and monetary policies will remain expansionary, and ad hoc policy interventionism and heavy state control of the economy will persist. Venezuela’s economy has been stifled for years by blatant disregard for the rule of law and principles of limited government.” The people of Brazil decided that the insanity of following the path of Venezuela style socialism was a pathway to misery and stagnation.

Brazil’s past experiment with socialism and the Workers’ Party was a failure. Former President Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva is jailed on corruption charges. His successor, Dilma Rousseff helped continue the economic decline of Brazil and ended up getting impeached for corruption. The Bolsonaro’s campaign against socialism and corruption is striking a note, because the Workers’ Party is corrupt. Brazilian’s are sick and tired of the empty promises of socialism and total government control over the means of production and natural resources.

Mr. Bolsonaro is proposing an agenda that mirrors the small government approach of President Donald J. Trump. Mr. Bolsonaro is pushing for “the privatization of state companies in all sectors.” He believes that he can “nullify issues of corruption in state owned companies” through the removal of political appointees from running the nation’s biggest enterprises. Mr. Bolsonaro wants better relations with the United States and a lowering of government intervention in the economy.

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