Republican corruption is skin deep, Democrat corruption goes to the bone 

Hillary says, “What difference does it make,” when it comes to her official emails being on a private server.  Obama’s Secretary of State has kept emails from congressional investigators of Benghazi for years.  In addition, it has been revealed that her presidential campaign is getting major funding from foreigners, which stands to reason as Obama is trying to make millions of foreigners legal citizens to vote.

Hillary Clinton has become the poster child for Democrat corruption anpropaganda saying she should be the judge of whether or not she did anything wrong.  That’s equivalent to allowing criminals to decide if they are guilty.  The former First Lady and presidential candidate has been condemned for her actions that led to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya by Jihadis, but it is her concealment of email communications from congressional investigators that has dominated the news.  Meanwhile, liberal media have done everything they can to distract and deny any wrongdoing.

The discovery of a private mail server in Clinton’s home has been a game changer.  Where the investigation into IRS corruption under Lois Lerner has faced obstruction by Democrats lying about her emails being destroyed along with her computer, and those emails being recovered from the server, Clinton made certain she had direct access to a server where emails are actually stored.  Her claims that she has handed over all emails to investigators falls flat on its face when they reveal that months of emails are missing and Hillary has the actual machine on which they were stored and erased.

Hillary’s campaign, along with Obama’s and other Democrats claiming to be “the party for the little guy,” while claiming Republicans are only for the rich and foreign business, are being exposed as deceivers more corrupt than the worst Republican in history.  Aside from Obama stealing trillions of borrowed taxpayer dollars to give to his friends on Wall Street and in bogus green energy corporations, their campaign donors also include foreign investors and businesses that are controlled by America’s enemies.  All of this exposes Democrats for frauds duping the American people on every level.