Socialism’s Shameful Sales Pitch

From: The NRA’s Shooting Illustrated  Nov. 2018 


In an op-ed in The Hill (“America Warms Up To Socialism:’ Sept. 17, 2018), Juan Williams calls socialism “the beating heart of what liberal voters hope for—and Trump voters fear—if Democrats take control of the House after this year’s elections:’

For once, we agree with Williams. If the Socialist Wave (some Democrats disguise it as the “Blue Wave”) swamps the u.s. House and Senate on Nov. 6, it is a dead certainty that we’ll see an organized, determined and well-funded push to embrace policies that transformed countries like Cuba and Venezuela into oppressive regimes.

At least Williams has the guts to call socialism what it is. A chorus of other voices are selling us a different story.

Instead, we’re told that the really extreme Democratic socialists lost in the primaries; therefore, there’s nothing to fear. What about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Julia Salazar in New York, Andrew Gillum in Florida and Ayanna Pressley in Boston? Even those “centrist” Democrats who won had to adopt socialist positions to fight off primary challenges.

We’re told by Bernie Sanders, “I don’t believe the government should own the means of production:’ Yet Democratic Socialists of America (nsA) member Joe Cernelli told NPR, “I think we just need to realize that the end goal is ultimately, like, social control of the means of production, you know? We don’t just want to improve capitalism. We will ultimately want to get rid of it:’

We’re told America actually wants socialism. In fact, Williams proudly quotes a Gallup poll showing that Democrats prefer socialism over capitalism. (Beware: Polls also told us 90 percent of NRA members support “universal” background checks and that Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump.)

We’re told America is already socialist. They cite Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and even the u.s. Postal System as proof. Certainly, Cubans and Venezuelans would notice the resemblance—if they were able to leave their respective countries.

Finally, we’re being told to shut up and take it. Unable to beat us on the facts, socialists are drowning gun owners’ voices instead. Social media are busy shadow-banning our accounts. College faculties exclude conservatives, and Antifa sets fires to keep us from speaking to students. Friends of NRA banquets have trouble finding venues in liberal eastern cities. Leftists use children to terrorize legitimate businesses with boycotts. Activists try to shame us into silence by linking gun rights to racism. National news organizations are dominated by leftist sympathizers. The most outrageous slanders are leveled at conservative judges nominated by our president. A handful of billionaires vow to outspend millions of NRA members by previously unheard-of margins.

Worst of all, Democrat N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo uses the immense power of his office to try to drive NRA—indeed, anyone associated with the gun industry in any way—”out of business” in order to silence us (his words, not ours). His example is being watched, and emulated, by other left-leaning elected officials.

At the center of the battle stands our freedom, in the form of the Second Amendment. Socialistic control cannot be forced upon free—and armed—citizens; that’s why each and every one of the socialists in the Democratic Party speak out against your rights. You are all that stands between them and power.

Show them that we will not be silenced.

VOTE TO TURN BACK THE TIDE! Vote early, mail your ballot or go to the polls on Nov. 6..