Maybe they don’t know what they believe…

In one breath, they mock anyone who thinks that Bernie is a “classic” socialist. In the next breath they celebrate the (dubious) successes* of the public take-over of industry.

It looks like somebody needs a dictionary.


*Examples of “successful” American Socialism. What’s not to love?

Social Security
Insolvent and teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Essentially a massive Ponzi scheme.

Medicare / Medicaid
—Insolvent and teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. So overburdened with bureaucracy that doctors routinely limit these patients to minimize red tape and maintain profitability.

—Over-populated racist hellholes . . . an inevitable result of the government’s ill-conceived failed “war on drugs.”

—Notoriously out of control, over-militarized, brutal civil rights abusers.

—A corrupt and expensive acquisitions process on one end, with the VA on the other — serving as a useful example of some of what can go wrong when government runs healthcare. In the middle, an infamous stonghold of insanity, if useful for politicians seeking to kill lots of people quickly. (SEE CATCH 22)

Public Education
—A widely acknowledged failure, excelling mainly in the production of ill-informed, unskilled, brainwashed dullards.


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