Movement to Abolish the Electoral College on the Rise!

Movement to Abolish the Electoral College on the Rise!


By  Kristin Kenowski 

The United States Electoral College is a truly valuable asset to our country. It showcases America as a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy, or mob rule. By reining in voter fraud and securing individual rights, the Electoral College has effectively done its job for well over 200 years. But now a huge movement to abolish the Electoral College is on the rise: the National Popular Vote (NPV) Interstate Compact!
This National Popular Vote movement would select the president and vice president purely by a vote of the majority. Why wouldn’t a National Popular vote be a good thing for Americans? 

The Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Repbulic, not a Democracy, in order to prevent the loss of our rights and freedoms to a tyranny of the majority. A National Popular Vote for president would continue the long-term transformation of our nation from a Republic to a Democracy. In a democracy the majority is enabled to act like a king or dictator, stripping away rights from minorities and individuals. 

NPV would also encourage voter fraud because, unlike the present system where each state has only a fixed number of votes in the Electoral College, with NPV there would be no limit on how much influence each state could have on elections. Thus, under NPV, voter fraud would reward the guilty party in every state. Many people would attempt to vote twice, or vote in various states, or bring in illegal aliens to cast more votes in their favor. Think of all the headaches of re-counting, “uncovering” new votes, and the resulting lack of agreement over who actually won the votes.

The Electoral College also gives a voice to the smaller states, encouraging presidential nominees to visit as many states as possible. The National Popular Vote would shift the electoral power to the massive populated areas, making only the large population states important.

Help us preserve election integrity and oppose the National Popular Vote! The NPV is aiming for enough states to support it whose electoral votes add up to 270 or more. 

Colorado just became the 12th state to support it.

 Currently the total is at 181 electoral votes (In states that generally lean left): New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, Washington, Rhode Island, Maryland, Illinois, Hawaii, and California. And 

Delaware’s Senate just voted to circumvent the Electoral College

 as well. 

Is it even constitutional? According to J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, the NPV is flat out unconstitutional, citing Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, he writes: “No State shall, without the consent of Congress … enter into any agreement or compact with another state.” 

But we all know how politicians view the document today. We are in need of massive numbers of constitutional-minded Americans to educate the public! With endorsements for NPV from FairVote, Common Cause (funded by George Soros), League of Women Voters, the New York Times, and more, we need to generate sufficient opposition to the NPV proposal to prevent them from reaching their goal of 270 votes in the Electoral College. 

Larry Greenley, director of missions at The John Birch Society, wrote in an alert in opposition to the NPV: “This would amount to a large step towards a pure democracy, which the Founding Fathers took great pains to protect us from, and a drastic reduction in the role of the states and the Electoral College as originally intended by the Founders.” 

Let’s take great pains to avoid a democracy too. The general lack of understanding of the Constitution among voters that is being exploited by the NPV proponents is also being used by Con-Con promoters to demolish our constitutional Republic. Help us share with others the urgency of this issue! 

Take Action: 
  1. Visit and phone your state legislators in opposition to the replacement of the Electoral College with the national popular vote. Follow up with an email.
  2. Watch and share our “Why the Electoral College?” video. 
  3. Schedule a Constitution is the Solution workshop series in your area to educate others on the importance of our constitutional Republic. Contact your local coordinator to get started today. 
  4. If you’re not yet a member, we invite you to join today!