Meme Exposes HARD TRUTH About Bernie and Hillary’s Socialism [MEME]

From:                       By TFPP Writer          March 28, 2016 

Via Robert Gehl:

More than any other age group, millennials are taken by socialism. A recent surveyfound that more than half of people under 25 have a really groovy feeling about socialism.

Groovy until they’re told what it actually means.

Captivated by Bernie Sanders’ rhetoric about inequality and free college and free health care, they’re blindsided when told exactly what socialism means – and that groovy feeling disappears.

That 50-plus percent support dwindles to the low 30s when asked if they favor “an economy managed by the government,” which is the very definition of socialism.Something else interesting happens too. As they get older, they reject socialism more and more – because they’re getting jobs. Writing in the Alaska Dispatch News, Emily Elkin explains what these millennials are thinking of:

So what does socialism actually mean to millennials? Scandinavia. Even though countries such as Denmark aren’t socialist states (as the Danish prime minster has taken great pains to emphasize) and Denmark itself outranks the United States on a number of economic freedom measures such as less business regulation and lower corporate tax rates, young people like that country’s expanded social welfare programs.

As millennials enter the income bracket considered “middle class,” about $40,000 to $60,000 per year – their support for income redistribution drops considerably.

Also, they profess to want more government services at 54 percent, to fewer government services at 46 percent. But those numbers flip when they’re asked if they’ll pay more taxes or fewer taxes.


Millennials wouldn’t be the first generation to flip-flop. In the 1980s, the same share (52 percent) of baby boomers also supported bigger government, and so did Generation Xers (53 percent) in the 1990s. Yet, both baby boomers and Gen Xers grew more skeptical of government over time and by about the same magnitude. Today, only 25 percent of boomers and 37 percent of Gen Xers continue to favor larger government.

Millennials like free markets, and capitalism and globalization. They’re holding the penultimate triumph of these in their hands – the smartphone.

They’re the greatest beneficiaries – they just don’t realize it yet.

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