What is Wrong With Socialism? – A Summary of Why Marxism Always Fails

From: youtube.com

What is wrong with socialism? To understand the issues with socialism, understanding Marxist theory is key. The main reason why Marxism always fails, is that it requires an impossible measure of intervention of the natural method of the market. By understanding socialist theory, it becomes clear the reasons why socialism doesn’t work. What are the problems with socialism? Well the main reason why capitalism works better than socialism is that it artificially adjust the free market and is prone to corruption and violence. When someone asks, “Will socialism ever work in America?”, I would reply we’re already closer to socialism than capitalism now, and our bloated government expenditures are a signal of that transformation. There are honestly too many reasons why socialism fails. Yet, despite the various failed predictions made by Karl Marx, socialism remains popular among certain academics and younger groups. This occurs even when having Marxist theory explained to them.

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