I am utterly embarrassed to be apart of the uninformed generation that is the Millennials. Every time I turn on the news or flip through social media and see Bernie Sanders supporters it baffles my mind that these people actually exist. Let’s break down socialism and what ole Bernie is all about.

First of all Bernie Sanders is a self proclaimed socialist. Younger people must think that is a part of the Democratic party, because they clearly don’t know what TF that means or is.

Socialism according to dictionary.com is “A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. With the advent of Karl Marx, socialism became a science.

For those of you who aren’t brainiacs, that means everything to do with the distribution of goods and services as well as money, is owned by one group. That group being the government. It also eliminates free market and the idea of the American dream where you can start a small business in hopes of it turning into an empire, because everyone must be equal. No one can have more then anyone else. So if you make lots of money, the government will take it and give it to people who don’t make a lot, because we all have to be equal.

Doesn’t that sound magical?! Who wouldn’t want the government to have absolute and utter control over us! Let’s ask people in China how they like it. They all seem so happy, even though they have the highest suicide rate in the world. Must be a coincidence.

So let’s talk about good ole Bernie. The socialist who is running for president. Who for some reason Millennials seem to love. I have no idea why. Must be all the free crap he is promising, but has no idea where it will be coming from.

He is with Hillary on the comprehensive Immigration thing. He claims to not want to wait for Congress and will use executive action to fix immigration. Meaning he will step over a whole checks and balances system to accomplish getting 11 million illegals, citizenship.

You may think, he can’t step over a whole cabinet of people, NEWS FLASH. Socialism is set up like that. There is no vote, no one who needs to agree to make something happen.

He supports it, duh. Doesn’t think government should get involved in millions of women choosing to kill unborn babies, because they couldn’t keep their legs closed. Apparently all lives don’t matter, even though If you assault a pregnant woman and her unborn baby dies, you’re charged with murder. Funny how that works huh?!

2nd Ammendment
He wants to increase background checks like every other left wing loonie toon. He also wants to ban “semi-automatic assault weapons which are designed strictly for killing human beings”.

Well in that case ban spoons because they are designed to get food into my mouth and it’s making me fat!

He wants to tax the hell out of big business who ship their production to foreign countries. Why? It’s cheaper over there and with liberal nuts wanting to raise minimum wage, LOTS of jobs will soon be outsourced to other countries because it’s cheaper.

He claims we should take care of ” millions of senior citizens and disabled vets”. News flash dude, there are more veterans who are young and homeless then older vets.

Maybe instead of using the proposed major taxes on big business to fund spoiled little brats getting free tuition and lazy people to get food stamps, you should want that money to go towards people who protected this country to have a bed to sleep on.

Feel free to dispute what you have just read, but if you still support Bernie after this feel free to go smash your hand in a car door.