What is wrong with Socialism?

From: propagandavictim.co                                                  Brain Surgeon

To date, the only capitalist power in the G8 is Russia. This is very disturbing to Western Socialism.

Russia fell out of the realm of socialism twenty years ago and now lives in the real world, and not in the world invented by Luis Carroll.

Russia, for example, can, without special consequences for itself, stop supplying gas to Western Europe. This greatly frightens the West. Russia has already accumulated foreign currency enough for fifty years in advance to pay for vital imports.

I, of course, understand that following the cut-off of gas, the West’s response will be a ban on the delivery of modern technologies to Russia. So many times it was in the history of Russia when West applied economic sanctions and Russian People suffered a great deal. But on the other hand – judge for yourself – Russia sells the necessary raw materials to the West for a hundred billion dollars, and West sells vital technology to Russia only five billion.

Disparity is immediately evident. In fact, every year, Russia covers  need for necessary imports for twenty years ahead. Therefore, the question arises – where to put all this money? US Treasuries? Please…

The only sensible way to invest is the expansion of Russian capital to the West. In this Russia is consistently denied.

Remember how the USSR did not let American capital into its domestic market? Now the United Socialist States of America and the European Socialist Union do not let Russian capital into theirs economies. Why? Because modern capitalist Russia will be able to quickly take over the entire socialist European and American business.

I do not want to be unfounded. We all know that, according to Western Mass Media, the world is currently divided into “DEMOCRACY” and “AUTOCRACY”, and not to the Capitalist and Socialist camps as it was in the past. However, I always knew one truth that was expressed in the Russian folk wisdom – “What ever you do, but your ass is always be behind”, which for me means that the former capitalist camp, which for the past twenty years consciously pursued a policy of strengthening the role of the state in the economy and increase in cash payments for the poor, has now turned into a world of SOCIALISM.

Socialism can also be considered a social system in which there is no social conflict.

Western demagogues, having solved the social conflicts of Western civilization with the help of handouts, naively called themselves “democracy.” No, this is not democracy, if you do not have dissatisfied people. This is the usual and always well-working principle – “Bread and Spectacles”. As soon as bread and circuses are not enough for everyone, social conflict and even revolution return to society. Revolution is a radical solution to social conflict. Orange revolutions, because of their artificiality, did not and could not decide anything. Therefore, they are not revolutions, but coups. In such countries as Ukraine and Georgia, the social conflict remained and was simply disguised.