EVERYTHING Wrong With Socialism Summed Up on THIS Brilliant Sign

From: teaparty.org                SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

There have been numerous debates about socialism in the United States. During the 2016 election, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders transformed the idea of socialism into something that has become attractive for younger voters. However, many Americans are being tricked into buying into the idea of socialism without knowing what this ideology is and where it leads.

Socialism is becoming popular among college students and other younger voters. They claim to believe that more socialism would be beneficial to our country, but as the video below shows, many couldn’t tell you what socialism is if you asked them.

The Washington Times states,

A socialist economy is defined as one in which the government controls more than half the production and distribution of goods and services. The United States of America is teetering on that threshold.

The fact that many people don’t have an understanding of socialism should be alarming because it is an inherently flawed ideology.

Since socialism means that the government controls most of the means of production, innovation becomes scarce. One of the reasons why companies like Apple and Microsoft have been able to create superior products is because they operate in a free market. This means that companies are motivated to create products and services that provide a greater benefit for society because they must remain competitive in order to turn a profit.

When the government is in charge of the market, there is no incentive to compete because companies are not able to earn more profit by creating better products. More government influence stifles creativity and innovation by punishing those who work to achieve greater progress in their industries.

Another negative impact of socialism is that it all but eliminates the notion of individual personal responsibility. When people are dependent on the government for their well-being, they are not driven to achieve their own success. Indeed; their level of achievement is limited by the influence of the government.

Under socialism, individuals are prevented from pursuing their own goals. Instead, they must serve the objectives of the government. The Washington Post argues that, “The government should exist only to the extent to serve and support the ability of individuals to achieve their own agendas (provide for their families, start their own business, etc.)”

This is what our founders envisioned when they formed the U.S. The role of the government is to protect our rights — not to determine our quality of life. It is up to the individual to work for the type of life they desire to have.

Some might argue that the idea that citizens should exist to serve the government. They might refer to this as working for the “greater good of the community.” However, this type of governance can — and has — led to widespread oppression.

Venezuela provides a profound example of the brutal impact socialism can have on the people who live under it. The country is on the verge of collapse — its citizens are dealing with rampant starvation and poverty at the hands of their government. Additionally, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has used his power to oppress people who oppose him. It is no different from other far leftist nations like Cuba and Soviet Russia. When the government has all the power, the people suffer.

Socialism is an ideology that is anathema to people who love liberty. If we are going to maintain our freedom, we must not allow our country to descend further into socialism. It is important that we educate those who do not understand the reality about this ideology — otherwise, we could find ourselves in a similar situation to that of the Venezuelan people.


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