10 Reasons Socialism Doesn’t Work & We Need Less Government Control

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First and foremost we need less government control so we don’t lose more rights as American citizens. It stands to reason that the more we keep the federal government out of our lives the more freedom we will have, every day you hear bout the government stomping of the freedom of speech in the name of political correctness.

Political correctness is just a nice word for control. Control of your speech and your actions. We need to start by destroying political correctness and taking back the freedom of speech, and the freedom of expression as they were given to us by the Constitution.

Now let’s talk about socialism, I am getting truly sick of hearing people saying that our country needs to convert to socialism. Socialism is based upon economic and political theories that promote collectivism. In no way does this form of economy make the people want to reach higher or perform better to reach a goal or ideal that they have set for themselves.

Socialism destroys the thought of being successful because everything is handed to you and there is truly no reason to reach for success. Wealth is redistributed to make everybody equal. In this way also there is no reason for a person to reach higher.

1. Wen the government redistributes your wealth to make all people equal it creates a stagnant citizenry who has no desire or aim to make a better life for them and their family because they can’t. By law they are not allowed to have more then the person next to them and this creates stagnation in the economy.

2. Taxes are higher in the economic form because the government needs the money to pay for all of the social welfare that goes along with a pure socialistic political and economic society. How do you feel about paying more federal tax then you pay now.

3. In ideas developed by Karl Marx, socialism is the transitional period between capitalism and communism. This should be enough for any American to say hey I don’t want this in my country, this is just a way for the government to assume more control over the people.

4. All companies and enterprises are state owned, in true socialism there are no private companies because they can’t be controlled by the government. The employees are compensated based on individual contribution.

5. Equal opportunity for all. Enterprises are cooperative efforts, and the return from these companies must benefit society as a whole. This means no success for the people running the business, but they will create benefit for the all people in the society.

This idea in the end create a stagnant business economy. This idea in general flies in the face of the American way of doing things. In this country yes we do things to help society, but along the way we make our bones and give back as we go.

6. Economic activity and production are planned by the government and based on human consumption needs and economic demands. In this way there is no supply and demand to make money from this is controlled by the government.

7. A true socialist believes that economic inequality is bad for the economy. So there is a constant push to make every citizen equal in every way. The theory says that if I have more than you because I have worked harder the government will take form me and give to you to make it all equal in their eyes.

This is another way to create stagnation in the economy because it takes away the basic idea that you need to work smarter and come up with better ways and methods of doing things. It also takes away the need for higher education because why pay for higher education if you don’t get compensated for it.

8. By default socialism creates more government control. People are working harder to expand the government so the government will give them more in return. The fact is that the government likes more control, and they don’t care if it comes at the expense of the people.

9.The bottom line is nothing comes for free. The more the government give you the more they will take in return. We know that capitalism works better than socialism because all socialist countries play our stock market to make money.

In true socialism there is no American stock market for them to make money for to support the social system of creating a stagnant economy. Socialism has to create more government based income to keep paying for all of those social programs and handouts.

10. A wise person once told me that if the government would keep their hands out of the markets they would correct themselves like they always did in the past. But the truth is that the government owes a lot of money so they will manipulate the markets to make their troubles less the what they are now.

This needs to be stopped and we need to get them out of trying to control the economy because we have seen how well the feds do at that. Their needs to be a civilian over-site  committee to protect the people from the feds doing as they please when it comes to the economy of this country.

Conclusion: As a country we need to go back to following the Constitution of this country and create less

government control and not more government dependence. People need to be given a reason to reach higher while not thinking that the federal government is the answer to their problems.

The federal government by expanding control creates more control, and this is the way that they build more power. Have you ever heard the saying give them and inch and they will take a mile. This is exactly what the federal government wants.

By screaming socialism we are giving them that power. I do not believe on single bit in socialism, over the years I have done too much research on this issue to believe it is a good thing. I fully believe that capitalism and the free markets work as good now and they ever have.

But instead of letting the federal government do as they please with the markets we need to watch over them, and not let them manipulate it to suite their purposes.

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