The Right Way to Pay for It All or ‘Balancing the Budget, Done Right!’


“Our Constitution was created to govern the Government, not the people, and not the states, each of which is a guardian of its own sovereignty.

The central government was created with strictly limited powers leaving the states to compete with one another to become the best state, the one with the least amount of taxation and controls, one where citizens would want to build a business and raise a family.

It wasn’t what government did that made America great. It was what government was prevented from doing that made the difference.

What set America apart from other lands was freedom for the individual, freedom to work, to produce, to succeed and especially to keep the fruits of one’s labor.

America became great precisely because the stifling effect of too much government had been prevented.

However, freedom in America was not totally unrestrained, Americans overwhelmingly chose to limit their actions with moral codes such as the biblical Ten Commandments.

Personal morality and Limited Government; it’s the combination that characterized America and made it the envy of the world.


The Bill of Rights should have been named The Bill of Limitations on Government. It’s vital to realize that the Bill of Rights never gave citizens rights whatsoever. Its sole purpose: Safeguard God-given rights by limiting government power.

Our founders insisted that the government shall make no law about Speech, Religion, Assembly, The Press, Petitioning, Bearing Arms and so on…

These laws are directed squarely at the Federal Government, not the individual and not the States.” – Unquote from 29-minute video ‘Overview of America.’


In three words: Follow the Constitution. Following the Constitution means we need to eliminate un-Constitutional departments, bureaus, agencies of the federal government and un-constitutional programs, kill all subsidies, quit foreign aid, get out of all fake ‘Free Trade’ programs that are not ‘Fair Trade’ and into one-on-one negotiating with individual nations, stop funding the corrupt UN that spends most their time working against our interests and end the retirement racket of Congress. Say what they may, that’s a fact. Check their voting records with the Constitution at’Freedom IndexSee: ‘Our Necessity for Downsizing Government’

Speaking of Congress, one term and lifetime retirement is almost a scam on our tax coffers – these folks simply need to go find a real j. o. b. after patriotically serving. If only they were patriotically serving. These days the majority RINOs and Dimms alike are in Congress only for political gain, power, and the dollar. And term limits is not the answer!

Starting this Herculean task of ridding us of all that’s un-Constitutional would put us on our way to more comfortably prioritizing in getting our military back up to speed, our infrastructure repaired and our borders walled. If California continues with their sanctuary ways and even threats of seceding, that may include ‘walling’ that eventual former state also. lol (Hey, ‘comrade Jerry’ keep running your mouth into actually seceding and it could happen.)

Talk about ox goring and gnashing of teeth. I’m hearing the wailing from crazies, do-gooders and crooked politicians, lobbyists and greedy and naïve citizens just reading this. Doing what is right in a disciplined, focused, legal manner can accomplish this with presidential and citizen pressure. Don’t confuse effort with results. A designed program to disassemble all this socialism can be accomplished with success one step at a time. It has successfully been assembled that way to slowly socialize us. Anything that can be done can be undone! It’s a matter of organizing and resolve.

We Americans are where we are due to complacency. That must change because we have not been a government of, by and for the people, but have been orchestrated quietly and slowly like children by a very deceitful and dangerous establishment, ‘deep state’ if you will, into pacified beings who are lied to and that feel overwhelmed and irrelevant.

Many Americans’ political attitudes are a direct result of their steady diet of untrue propaganda fed them by the mainstream media from the strongest of poker faces with peer support. A method needs developing in law with teeth in it to challenge the fake news media habits of blatant lying, and claiming undisclosed sources without being held expediently accountable with legal repercussions being promptly meted out for violations. Slander and liable are not parts of free speech. Fake news undermines reality, is effectively damaging and is corruption that needs severely being dealt with.

Awaken to reality. America nor any other nation can withstand socialism forever. Socialism has never succeeded in history and never will because it always depends on and always runs out of other peoples’ money. It ran out of ours a long time ago and we should not borrow any longer. Our grandchildren should be begging us to ‘patriot up’ and get America back to what brought us for their future’s sake by our demanding accountability and enforcement of laws.

We are truly in the mess we are in because of our complacency and our not following our Constitution.

Our Constitution is the solution!

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“I know that every good and excellent thing in the world stands moment by moment on the razoredge of danger and must be fought for.” — Thornton Wilder